Bright Ideas by Teri Dunn Chace

At 194 (perfect-bound) pages, this was a substantial SIP project (which the client, Birds & Blooms/Reader’s Digest, dubbed a “bookazine”).  Teri contributed as a consultant; the editor was on-staff.
* helped the editor and his staff at the brainstorming stage: what sorts of articles should go in here? what sort of audience were we aiming for? how could we best serve them?
* culled from back issues of Birds & Blooms and Backyard Living for suitable articles, slotted them into the proposed outline
* helped adapt/edit selected articles (the majority were reader-written and needed help)
* wrote-to-fit several of the articles
* reviewed and wrote captions
* proofread issue at final production

This publication was offered as a premium (free of charge) to new subscribers. Press run = 100,000. Basically it recycled old content to make a fresh new product. Other than the press run, the investment wasn’t much (staff-time + her consulting fee). Teri was instrumental in assuring the client got maximum bang for their buck.

Here is the T of C (ambitious!):