Bookstores and stores with book departments, Teri is happy to set up a date and time to come by and do a sell-and-sign event. Please see bottom of page for contact information.

Having done a number of these, here are some suggestions to make it more successful for both parties:
* calendar: weekends are busier and thus preferable
* timing: lunchtime, early afternoon, mid-afternoon, ditto
* set-up: a table, a chair and a latte are all she needs! 🙂
* location: to the right of the front door works well, but if you have a special nook or even a gardening/outdoors section, that would be lovely.
* wares: she’s done signings with one title, and signings with several of her books. She’s also manned a table that included related titles by other authors. It’s all good. Your call as to what your customers will be attracted to!

Teri will show up on time and stay the time allotted, in good cheer.

(c) Cynthia Law Photography
(c) Cynthia Law Photography

Northshire Bookstore, Saratoga Springs, NY
Barnes & Noble, New Hartford/Utica, NY
Mohawk Valley Herb & Garlic Festival, Little Falls, NY
Herkimer County Farm Day, Little Falls, NY
Gansevoort House Books, Little Falls, NY
Borders Books (back in the day), Boston and Peabody, MA

If you’d like to combine books sales with a talk, please refer to the SPEAKER EVENTS tab above for details.