Teri began her editing career as a magazine editor (she worked at Horticulture Magazine for 11 years), then moved on to writing and editing books as a contractor.

Coupled with her honed editing skills, the fact that she has written books of her own makes her well-qualified to guide other books into publication. She can organize and outline a book project, is adept at “keeping all the balls in the air,” and is both sensitive and firm when the need arises to do some author-hand-holding and rethinking or rewriting. The technical and less-glamorous aspects of book production–making and revising book maps, editing/writing to fit, conducting additional necessary research or fact-checking, working with appropriate artwork and the book-design/layout team, final page-proofing–all of this, she manages with panache and skill.

All of this, plus: deadlines are always met!

Here are some of the books Teri has edited/project managed: