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Summary: Teri began her professional career in magazines two decades ago, working her way up the editorial department’s ladder at Horticulture Magazine. She worked there 11 years. During that time, she also began working on Roadside Magazine as a freelance editor and writer; she also helped with managing the editorial calendar and the contributions of freelancers.

This segued into, in later years, acting as a consultant for a startup called North American Gardener. She had the unique combination of publishing skills/experience and knowledge of horticulture; she also brought them many good contacts (other writers, photographers and illustrators, industry professionals). This venture closed after two years.

Writer/editors, as well as anyone in publishing in general, knows that magazines are pretty much now gone with the wind. Print media has been overwhelmed by fast, easy, and often free internet content. It’s a shame, not just for professional writers and editors but also for anyone who enjoys reading.

“It was a good run,” Teri says now. “And I daresay the skills I gained and contributed to such enterprises are not ‘gone with the wind.’ ” Writing, editing, coordinating with designers, brainstorming, planning, and seeing a product through to publication are still useful and relevant. In publishing, in direct marketing, in internet venues, in any setting where skilled people collaborate to produce a final product.

1993-2014, Sanctuary, The Magazine of the Massachusetts Audubon Society, Lincoln, MA
* Researched and wrote feature articles for member magazine.
* Worked with editors to generate issue themes and possible articles.
* Proofread articles, consulted on artwork, wrote captions.

1987-1995, Horticulture Magazine, Boston, MA
Associate Editor
* Edited feature articles and monthly columns.
* Worked closely with art department on development of appropriate and accurate artwork.
* Wrote headlines and captions, reviewed manuscripts and queries; chaired query-review meetings and brainstorming sessions.
* Answered reader correspondence.
* Proofreading, planning.
* Extensive knowledge of/contacts in the mail-order seed and nursery industry. Attended meetings/trade shows, tours, conferences, lunches, etc. on magazine’s behalf.

1997-1998, North American Gardener, Cadmus Custom Publishing, Boston, MA
Editorial Consultant: Horticultural and editing consultant for launch of a new gardening magazine (USA and Canada), with a membership-based circulation of 150,000.
* Issue planning (including long-term editorial calendar), advising Cadmus on assignments.
* Reviewed all draft copy and artwork/photography for appropriateness and accuracy.
* Wrote captions, wrote occasional feature articles.
* Proofed designed pages.