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Have you ever really looked at a flower?

In Seeing Flowers, Chace and Llewellyn’s collaboration offers a tour of an engrossing world. It’s a heady mix of beautiful images, fascinating information, and sumptuous appreciation. Flower lovers and gardeners will not be able to set it down, lovers of photography and literature will be awed and captivated. It makes a great gift for any nature-lover, photography fan, gardener, or flower devotee.

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Featured in the Wall Street Journal, “In Full Bloom,” May 23, 2013.

Named to Top Books of the Year 2013, Financial Times (London), Gardening. Judge Jane Owen remarked: “Flower porn. I defy anyone not to be seduced by these portraits – even hydrangeas look like works of art. Accompanied by neat text explaining familial characteristics from Amaryllis to Viola.”


(c) Robert Llewellyn
(c) Robert Llewellyn


“343 blooms in such extraordinary detail that you feel you’re glimpsing the garden from an insect’s perspective.” Sunset Magazine, “Best of the West,” September 2013.

“For anyone who wants to know more about flowering plant families and see some stunning photographs of flowers…the author writes about 28 different flowering plant families. Reading about each one is like talking to a family member who knows all about the rest of the family–who belongs in the family, who belonged once before but has been cast out, their quirks, their foibles, all kinds of interesting tidbits. The pictures are amazing, showing lots of details that we often miss, even when we are holding the flower in our hand. Even the captions for the photos contain great info and should not be skipped over. I think that gardeners of all levels of experience will find this book to be readable, enjoyable, and useful. Plant addicts should be warned that this book will definitely feed your addiction and you’ll read about more plants that you want to have in your garden.” Carol J. Michel on

“…a feast for the eyes and soul – an elegant blend of photos and text that kept me turning pages.” Gregory Horne on

“This is one of those books which you can pick up and put down after enjoying the pictures then pick it up again to read the text of one family then another family. I really enjoyed this book. I like the scientific correctness of this book, since I am a Horticulture PhD.” Gail S. Lee on

“The images maintain the same heartbreaking clarity you’d find in a 19th century botanical illustration…” Chantal Aida Gordon. Read the full review @ The