At once practical and charming, potting sheds and benches brim with the essentials of a gardener’s life–well-used tools, stacks of earthy terra-cotta pots, heaps of dark, rich soil, and tiny seeds that carry within them germs of healthy new plants. This delightful and informative volume looks at the creative design and use of potting placces–from fully outfitted sheds to secondhand tables set beneath sunny windows–detailing siting strategies, building materials, work surfaces, storage options, and much more.

INCLUDES: siting, lighting, decorating, water sources, efficient and attractive tool storage, and much more.





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I cannot say enough good things about this book. I purchased no less than five books to help me plan my new potting shed, and Teri Dunn’s book has by far been the one I have picked up time and again. Her writing style is written for the “normal” gardener, like me, that doesn’t garden with her nose in the air. There are plenty of books written for the upper crust gardener, but I like someone to speak to me without constantly reminding me that they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Someone with a refreshing and direct style like Teri’s is a breath of fresh air. Her ideas are really genuinely helpful, and there are a TON! Lots of special tips I haven’t heard of before, and I’ve been gardening a long time. The pictures in the book are great, and really capture the feel and romance I want my potting shed to have. Gardeners are romantic and ridiculously practical at the same time, reusing and recycling everything, and she speaks to that directly. There are many commonsense ideas to help organize, and fun projects to do. I’m truly motivated, and her book has really helped me prioritize the work I need to do to set up, and I’ll be ready by spring. I’ve written another critique on one of the books I purchased that was a waste of money and huge disappointment. F.O.B. on amazon.com

What a beautiful, practical, inspiring book this is! Luckily, I received this book as a gift right at the start of Spring this year and it’s helped me tremendously in getting organized for my flower and vegetable gardening. I’m laying claim to half of my husband’s storage shed in the back yard to start my own potting area! The photographs of potting sheds, potting spaces and benches are a visual feast. I particularly enjoyed the potting and gardening tips in every chapter. There are also useful tips on gardening tools and supplies, storage and seed starting. Even if I were not a gardener, I’d enjoy this gorgeous book. If you are a gardener, though, it’s definitely a MUST HAVE!!! Marion on amazon.com