Jackson & Perkins Beautiful Roses Made Easy
Find out which roses perform best in your climate and soil.
Learn from successful rose growers in your area.
Make rose growing simpler with commonsense, helpful tips and techniques.
Discover how roses can be perfect companions for perennials, shrubs, vines, and annuals.

INCLUDES: our romance with roses; what’s in a rose?; the new world of roses; selecting and planting; rose care; directory.


“Growing roses is daunting. This helpful, sensible book takes the worry out and shows how to bring out the best in the ones you choose.
A godsend!” Words to Garden By

Mid-Atlantic & New England, with Andre Viette and Mark Viette
Great Plains, with Russell Studebaker
Midwestern, with Melinda Myers
Northwestern, with Ciscoe Morris
Southern, with Walter Reeves
Southwestern, with Sharon and Bruce Asakawa

From the introduction: “Whether it’s love, friendship, or desire, the rose has long spoken for us, making it one of the greatest and most powerful flowers to ever grace our gardens. Is there another flower on earth that holds us so completely in its power? If we see a rose in passing—driving or walking by someone’s garden or even an old churchyard—our eye goes to it, our spirit cleaves to it, drinking in a brief “ahhhh” of desire and admiration. If we draw near—in our own garden or in a bouquet—time stands still as the rose’s luscious beauty envelops our attention and bewitches our senses.”

From “Rose Fragrance Explained”: “If you want a fragrant rose, there are a number of options. Many shrub roses are fragrant. Full-petaled roses are also frequently scented, due to both the sheer number of petals and their parentage, which often includes fragrant old-rose genes. And some single-form roses–like the rugosas–waft a rich, delicious scent. Hybrid teas, which are typically bred to emphasize superior flower color and form, often have a lighter scent, though there are plenty of fragrant hybrid teas.

One clue for breeders, and anyone shopping for a fragrant rose, is that in roses there are links between color and fragrance. Though of course there are exceptions, your nose will notice, for example, that lavender roses are almost always very fragrant. Dark-colored roses, too…”